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The FINAL post

As of today we have raised together £4,460 for charity - I am over joyed by the support of everyone who contributed. Thank you. Having been back at home for 2 days I have begun to recover and of course have been watching the end of the real professional tour stages. The fact that there isn't yet a nailed on winner, says a lot about the course this year, the difficulty as well as the riding conditions. My taste buds are returning and my sleep is getting longer. I have had a ride on my static bike tonight to ensure my legs stay relaxed and I had a massage yesterday.  Tomorrow the professionals begin their last three days on the big alpine climbs, I shall be watching with great interest as the scale Galibier and L'Isferan, finishing at Val Thoren on Saturday.  A few special thank you's: - all the Le Loop team - organisers, drivers, physio's, doctors, for their support. Ian the coffee was outstanding, again.  - Ruth and Denise for getting me physically rea

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